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Waver: So the Holy Grail War is a battle of pure ability, where titles and influence mean nothing.

Rin: Kirei, can I trust you? Will you promise me you’ll protect my father to the very end?
Kirei: That’s impossible. If this battle were simple enough that I could make that promise, we wouldn’t have to send you or your mom away.
Rin: I just can’t like you, after all.
Kirei: Rin, you shouldn’t speak your thoughts like that. People might start thinking bad of your father, the one who raised you.
Rin: What does my dad have to do with this?! Listen, Kirei! I won’t forgive you if my dad gets hurt because you were slacking off!

Caster: Some forms of terror are fresher than others. The more intense the fear, the more the emotions die. Terror, in its truest sense, is not a static state, but a dynamic one. It is the moment when hope turns to despair.

Tokiomi: My, my. Honestly. Gilgamesh just had to materialize under the Archer class, which comes with the skill independent Action.

Rider (to Waver): Look, nobody cares about Assassin. He’s only good at skulking in the shadows. He could never pose a threat to me.

Saber: Servants receive knowledge of the modern world upon materialization. I could even pilot this aircraft if it came to it.
Irisviel: You could pilot it?
Saber: My Riding skill allows me to command any beast or vehicle, with the exception of divine and mythical beasts. Once I mount the saddle and take the reins, intuition does the rest.
Irisviel: Mount the saddle and take the reins… (laughs)
Saber: Did I say something funny?

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Irisviel: It’s so much fun to walk around a new town, accompanied by a gentleman.
Saber: Did I make an acceptable gentleman?
Irisviel: You were perfect. You were a wonderful knight today.
Saber: You honor me, my princess.

Irisviel: Saber, do you like the sea?
Saber: I suppose I don’t really know. In my age and country, the sea was where my enemies arrived. I’ve hated it, but never once have I admired it.

Saber: Does Kiritsugu not enjoy spending time with you?
Irisviel: He’s someone who finds happiness painful.

Saber: Surely you aren’t expecting your pretty face to save you from my blade, Lancer.
Lancer: It would be quite the killjoy if it did.

Kiritsugu: Let’s see what you can do, adorable King of Knights.

Rider: Rarely does one have the chance to exchange blows with heroes from another age. And with the chance to fight as many as six, I can’t allow one of them to fall right now. Look at Saber and Lancer. Both are valiant warriors I would love to duel with. It’d be a pity to let either die.
Waver: But isn’t that the point?! You’re supposed to kill each other in the Holy Grail War!
Rider: To win, but not destroy… To conquer, but not humiliate… That is what true conquest is!

Rider: Fate has brought us together to fight for the Grail. But first, there’s something I’d like to ask. How about… yielding the Grail to me and joining my army? I will treat you both as my friends, and we shall share in the joy of world conquest together!
Lancer: I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. I will give the Grail to only one man: my new avowed lord. Not to you, Rider!
Saber: So you disturbed our battle merely to propose that ridiculous plan? As a knight, this is an unforgivable insult!
Rider: I’d be willing to discuss terms.
Saber/Lancer: Shut up!

Rider: I didn’t expect the King of Knights to be a little girl!
Saber: Would you like a taste of this little girl’s blade, King of Conquerors?!

Rider (to Kayneth): Hey Mage! It appears that you were supposed to be my Master instead of this boy. Don’t make me laugh! Only a man brave enough to ride into battle at my side could ever be my Master. A coward lacking the courage to even show himself is nowhere close to being worthy!

Gilgamesh (to Berserker): How dare you… You’re making me stand on the same ground as you? I, who belong among the heavens!

Kayneth: With my Command Spell, I order you…
Lancer: My lord!
Kayneth: Assist Berserker and kill Saber.

Rider: I enjoy watching the flowers of a battlefield in bloom.

Saber: Shouldn’t we have hired a professional driver?
Irisviel: No, that would be boring –I mean, dangerous! What if the enemy attacks us?
Saber: I suppose so…

Irisviel: It’s so tiring to deal with someone who won’t listen to what you say.

Sola-Ui: Kayneth. I’m sure you understand the advantage you have over the other Masters, right? You made a special alteration to the usual Master-Servant contract. You get the Command Spells, while I act as an additional Master and supply Mana. They don’t call you the top prodigy of the Evocation Division for nothing.

Kirei: I have no ideals or desires, so why was I chosen to fight in this battle?
Gilgamesh: No ideals or desires. Then why not simply wish for pleasure?
Kirei: Ridiculous. Pleasure?! You’d ask me to commit something so sinful and corrupt?
Gilgamesh: Sinful? Corrupt? I don’t understand your logic. Why must pleasure and sin be connected?
Kirei: Well…
Gilgamesh: Pleasure gotten through evil means could be a sin. But pleasure can also result from good deeds. What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin?
Kirei: Pleasure is another thing that I lack. I seek for it but cannot find it.

Rider: After seeing Saber last night, I merely came to a realization. If one wears modern attire, there should be no issue with going outside.
Waver: Hey, wait! At least put on some pants before you go out!
Rider: Oh, leggings… That’s true. Everyone in this land wears them. Must I?
Waver: Yes, you must! And just to be clear, I’m definitely not going all the way to town just to buy you XXXL pants.
Rider: What? Boy, would you stand in the way of my triumphant conquest?
Waver: Conquest and your pants have nothing, not even on the slightest, to do with one another!

Lancer: Hey, Caster. I’ve no interest in your love life. If you insist on making Saber yours, then do it. However… I, Diarmuid, will now allow you to defeat a crippled Saber!

Kayneth: You rely on traps? Have you fallen so low, Einzbern? Very well. Then this is no longer a duel, but an extermination!

Maiya: Kotomine Kirei?
Irisviel: Maiya, your order from Kiritsugu was to protect me, right?
Maiya: Yes. But…
Irisviel: But what? “We cannot let him get to Kiritsugu, no matter what.” Is that what you’re thinking?
Maiya: Madam. You…
Irisviel: What a coincidence… I was thinking the same thing. Kotomine Kirei… He probably represents the biggest threat to Kiritsugu. We’ll stop him here! Understood, Maiya?
Maiya: I apologize. But please prepare yourself, Madam.

Irisviel: Kiritsugu taught me more than how to drive a car. He taught me how to live and to survive!

Saber: Lancer, can you ride the wind?

Caster: That beautiful face… Make it twist in pain for me, Jeanne!

Kayneth: Pathetic. I did not participate in the Holy Grail War for this kind of battle!

Kayneth (to Kiritsugu): I shall not let you die easily. I shall use healing magic to regenerate your heart and lungs, while I rend every inch of your flesh. In pain and despair, you will die as you suffer. And while you die, you will curse them… You will curse the cowardice of those who hired you! You will curse the Einzberns for disgracing the Holy Grail War!

Natalia Kaminski (to Kiritsugu): If you cut a thread, and then tie it, the thickness will be different where you originally cut it, right? In that sense, it means irreversible change.

Saber: Lancer, hurry onward. Rescue your Master.
Lancer: Knight, you have my thanks.
Saber: Worry not. You and I have sworn to settle matters as befit knights. Let us share in that pride.

Lancer (to Kiritsugu): Never forget this. The reason you still live is for the nobility shown by the King of Knights.

Kayneth: Do you really think Lancer would abandon me and swear fealty to you?
Sola-Ui: I do. He is a Heroic Spirit who heeded the Grail’s invitation. He seeks the Grail, just like us. Even if he has to change Masters, he will accept it to reach his goal.
Kayneth: Sola-Ui! Lancer isn’t as admirable as you think!
Sola-Ui: Why do you say that?
Kayneth: When I asked him what he’d wish for, he replied that he doesn’t seek the Holy Grail. A Servant with no desire for the Grail is categorically impossible. He must be hiding something.

Sola-Ui: You know, Kayneth. An unskilled spiritual healer like myself cannot hope to extract ingrained Command Spells by force. I can take these without resistance if the bearer agrees with it. If you won’t give me your consent, then I guess I’ll have to… cut off your right arm.

Sola-Ui: Kayneth has given up the war, entrusting me with his rights as your Master.
Lancer: I pledged my loyalty as a knight to Kayneth. Sola-Ui-sama, I cannot give you my consent.
Sola-Ui: What?! To begin with, aren’t you a Servant who manifests physically using my mana? And now I have the Command Spells, too!
Lancer: Before I am a Servant, I am a knight. I can only serve but one lord.

Rider: What’s this? Are you pretending to be an alchemist?
Waver: I’m not pretending. This is alchemy, idiot.

Rider: Boy, are you sure you aren’t an incredibly talented Mage?
Waver: A talented Mage wouldn’t do it this way. It’s probably the simplest of methods. You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?
Rider: Not in the least! Using a simple method to accomplish something impressive far outshines using a complex method to achieve the same thing.

Rider: Fail to strike the enemy once you know their location, and it’ll be too late to even regret having missed the chance.
Waver: Why are you so eager today?
Rider: Isn’t it obvious? My Master has finally contributed something of worth. As a Servant, I must also do my duty and bring back the enemy’s head.

Tokiomi (to Kirei): While it’s true that your plans are important, you must remain relaxed and graceful at all times. Elegance is required, even in battle.

Rin: Hey! You bullies shouldn’t gang up on someone like that! You suck! You really suck!
Boy 1: What’s your problem, Tohsaka? This is none of your business!
Rin: In that case, why don’t you do take it out on me, as well? Then it will be my business.

Tokiomi: Strive to consistently maintain the proper flow. That is the Tohsaka family motto. It means always remaining reserved and elegant.

Kariya (to Aoi): Some day, I’m sure we’ll all play in this park, like we used to. And Rin and Sakura will be sisters once more.

Saber: Rider?
Rider: I came because I wanted to see your castle. It’s kind of gloomy. And what’s with that armor? You aren’t wearing your fashionable suit tonight?
Saber: Rider, what are you doing here?
Rider: Can’t you tell? I’ve come to drink. What else?

Rider (to Gilgamesh): You’re late, Golden Boy.

Gilgamesh: My treasury houses only the finest of drink and the finest of swords. This alone should indicate which among us is the greatest of kings.
Rider: Archer. Your finest drink is, indeed, worthy of the finest vessel. Unfortunately, the Holy Grail is not a drinking cup.

Gilgamesh: The Holy Grail should already be mine. All of this world’s treasures, without exception, trace their origin back to my treasure house.
Rider: Then you once held the Holy Grail? You would know it by sight?
Gilgamesh: No. Do not consider me as you would some lesser being. The amount of wealth in my treasury long ago surpassed even my own knowledge. But that it is a treasure also means that it belongs to me. And any who would take it for themselves is naught but a thief.
Saber: Your words are no different than Caster’s insane rants. It appears he isn’t the only Servant to have gone mad.

Rider: So then, Archer… Of what manner of duty and rules do you speak?
Gilgamesh: Of the law. The law I set down as king. You break the law, and I punish you. There is no place for discussion.
Rider: Which means that we will have to resort to combat.

Saber: You agreed that the Holy Grail’s rightful ownership lies with another, so will you take it by force? What makes the Holy Grail so important to you?
Rider: I wish for true incarnation.
Gilgamesh: Huh?
Waver: Hey, wasn’t your goal supposed to be world conquest–
Rider: Idiot. Even if magic lends us form in this world, ultimately, we remain Servants. I wish for rebirth, as a human, to live within the world in which I’ve arrived. And with nothing but my body, I shall defy both heaven and earth. That is the meaning of conquest. Thus it begins, then proceeds, and is finished. Such is the path of my conquest.
Saber: That is hardly fitting of how a king should behave.
Rider: Then let us hear what you would say.
Saber: I wish for my homeland’s salvation. With the omnipotent wish-granting device, I shall avert Britain’s fate of destruction.
Rider: Hey, King of Knights. Did you just say that you would change fate? Does that mean you wish to change the past?
Saber: Indeed. Even if it is a wish that a miracle alone cannot fulfill, if the Holy Grail is truly omnipotent,it will…
Rider: Um, Saber… Surely you do not mean that you would erase the marks you have left on history?
Saber: Indeed! Why should that bother you? Why do you laugh? The country that gave me my blade, to which I offered my life, was destroyed. Why would it be strange for me to find that sad?
Gilgamesh: Did you hear that, Rider? What that little girl, who names herself King of Knights, said? “To which I offered my life…”
Saber: Why is that humorous?! To ensure their country’s prosperity, a king should make any sacrifice.
Rider: No. The king does not make offerings. The nation and the people, offer themselves to the king. Not the reverse.
Saber: What? Those are a tyrant’s words!
Rider: Just so. We are heroes because we are tyrants. However, Saber, if a king regrets their rule or its conclusion, that king is nothing but a fool. Even worse than a tyrant.
Saber: Iskandar, your reign ended with your heirs slain, and your empire dissolved into three parts. You have no regrets about that end?
Rider: None. Not if it came to pass by my judgement and my retainers’ sacrifices… Its destruction was inevitable. I shall grieve. And I shall weep. But I shall never regret.
Saber: You…
Rider: Let alone undo it! Such an act would be a mockery of all who fought with me!
Saber: Only warriors can find glory in destruction! Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless? A just rule , with just laws… Those are the true duties of a king!
Rider: So you, the king, are a slave to what is right?
Saber: That is acceptable. A king is a martyr to their ideals.
Rider: That is not how a person should live.
Saber: If I rule the nation as king, I cannot ask to live as a person. King of Conquerors, you seek the Holy Grail merely for your own benefit. You could never understand… You who became a ruler only to satisfy your endless greed.
Rider: A king without greed is even worse than a figurehead! Saber. You said you would become a martyr for your ideals. In life, you must have been a pure saint. A proud and noble figure, certainly. But who can truly admire the martyr’s thorny path? Who dreams of such an ending? A king… The king must be greedier than any other. He must laugh louder and rage harder. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is why his retainers envy and adore him. And why the flames of aspiration, to be as the king is, can burn within his people. Proud king of chivalry… The righteousness and ideals you bore may indeed have saved your nation once. However, I’m certain you know what became of those who were saved, but left to themselves.
Saber: What?
Rider: You saved them, but you never led them. You never showed them what a king should be. YOu abandoned your men when they lost their way. Then, alone and untroubled, you followed your own petty little ideals. Thus, you are no true king. You are only a little girl, enraptured by a false idol of the king who serves others, but not themselves.
Saber: I… I…

Waver: This isn’t fair! Why are there so many Assassins?
Assassins: We are the one, become many. A Servant who is many and also one. A Servant who is one, but with many… shadows.
Waver: A Servant with multiple personalities that hosts each one into a separate body?

Rider: Saber! Archer! Here is our banquet’s final question. Must the king be alone?
Saber: The king must indeed be alone!
Rider: No, you don’t understand at all. I suppose I’ll have to show you exactly what a real king is.

Rider: Here, my armies once rode across the land. The place all the heroes who stood with me, through joy and sorrow, will never forget. I can make this world real because it still exists within our hearts! Behold my endless armies! Their bodies destroyed, and their souls offered to the world as Heroic Spirits. And still, these legendary heroes pledge their loyalty to me! My bond with them is my greatest treasure, my path of kingship! The ultimate Noble Phantasm that I, Iskandar, possess. Ionian Hetairoi!

Rider: A king must live a grander life than any other’s, and stoke his people’s feelings of admiration! He who is worthy of all heroes’ envy, and he who leads their way, is king! Therefore, the king is not alone. For his will equals that of all his followers together!

Saber: Wait, Rider. I still…
Rider: You, keep silent. Tonight was for the kings to converse. But I no longer recognize you as a king, Saber. Little girl, wake up from your sad dream. If you don’t, you’ll someday lose even that modicum of pride you retain as a Heroic Spirit. The dream of a king you spoke of is a curse.

Saber: I remember. There was once a knight who left Camelot, claiming that King Arthur didn’t understand how others felt. Perhaps those thoughts were shared by everyone at the Round Table.

Saber: Are you hurt?
Irisviel: I’m just not feeling too well, so I cut off my sense of touch. Shutting down just one of my senses allows me greater control over my power. That means I can do everything else I must. Being able to do things like this is the specialty of a homunculus…

Gilgamesh: Kirei, why must you insist on defining joy so narrowly? Where is the paradox in finding suffering and tragedy but other forms of pleasure? There is no one fixed type of joy. Your confusion derives from your failure to understand that.
Kirei: This is something that cannot be allowed. King of Heroes, an inhuman monster such as yourself may find pleasure in some small amount of pain. But that is the soul of a sinner, an evil that must be punished! Thus it is so, according to the path of faith that I follow.
Gilgamesh: And so, you have defined joy itself as a sin. I’m astonished how far you’ve succeeded in warping it. You never do cease to be of interest to me.

Kirei: If I seek the Holy Grail for my own desire, that will mean that I have betrayed my own teacher and mentor.
Gilgamesh: Then you’ll need a strong Servant, if you would seek to fight me. Of course before any of that, you must steal another Servant, one controlled by another Master. In that case… No, I won’t say it. Everything from here onward is up to you. Do exactly as you like. That is the true meaning of entertainment. And entertainment leads to joy… And joy will lead you to happiness. Your path is now clear, Kirei. So clear there is no longer any need to hesitate.

Uryuu: We worked so hard to create this artwork! How could they?! Is this… are they… even human?!

Uryuu: The best entertainers can get smiles out of playing the villain.

Caster: So you say that both blasphemy and praise are worship to you? Ryuunosuke! Truly, you are the bearer of a new philosophy!

Rider: You’re so small that you’re impossible to see in between the bookshelves. It was hard to find you.
Waver: Normal people are smaller than bookshelves, idiot.

Rider: You really can’t trust books when you don’t know who wrote them.

Waver: Throughout history, people with power usually tried everything they could to get others to remember them.
Rider: I suppose having your name recorded in the history books is a form of immortality. But if that just means your name gets passed down for two thousand years and nothing else, I’d have preferred to have… even a hundredth of that added to my life.

Caster (to Uryuu): I shall give you the greatest “cool!” you have ever seen!

Rider: You don’t need to be in such a hurry. Nobody said that the Grail War would be the most important event of your life–
Waver: What are you talking about?
Rider: When the day comes where you find a way to live that you can be truly proud of, you’ll be forced into your own battle whether you want to or not. You can search for your battlefield then.

Rider: In my chest beats the heart of the King of Conquerors!

Waver: No matter how weak I am, it doesn’t matter to you.
Rider: Where’d you get that? That miserable nature of yours is the sign of a conqueror. No matter what you say, you know how small you are. And yet you still struggle to reach heights greater than you can imagine.
Waver: That’s not a compliment. You’re treating me like an idiot.
Rider: Indeed, kid. You’re an idiot. Your desires lie beyond yourself. “Glory lies beyond the horizon.”

Rider: How are you going to attack an enemy in the river, Saber?
Saber: My body is protected by the Lady of the Lake. No water can stop me in my path, no matter how many fathoms deep.
Rider: That’s a rare skill to have. I want you in my army even more.

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